Hand And leg Nail Doctor

Hand And leg Nail Doctor


What your kid love educational funny games and want to be a Hand And leg Nail Doctor ?
If your child want to play in the Hand And leg Nail Doctor you have found the right educational funny game!

Be the best Hand And leg Nail Doctor at this hand and nail Hand And leg Nail Doctor clinic! Today the emergency room at the hospital is crowded, and the patients presented are complaining of several pain in the hand.
Treat patients with professional Hand And leg Nail Doctor tools like syringes and more! their hands hurt, hurry up!

This Hand And leg Nail Doctor’s office is so much fun ! Let’s be a Hand And leg Nail Doctor, healing the wounds for those kids !

These small little patients need your help ! Choose from 1 adorable patients and let the Hand And leg Nail Doctor fun begin!
Here in this game, you have various patients with injured toes so become a real doctor treat them with real surgeon tools like injections ,cotton, x-ray machine, buds, bandages, towel and much more.

Hand & Nail Hand And leg Nail Doctor is simple and fun :

– Choose from different instruments to treat the patient
– Shower the Hands and Legs to remove dirt
– Pluck out the germs
– Apply injection and germ killer
– Wipe out the blood with medicated paper and cotton
– Cotton is used to remove a blood and remove wounds
– ice cube for the cure swelling
– Use x-ray to fix the broken bone easy
– Use spray on wound to clean redness
– Cream facility for saving your toe and nail from infection
– Surgical thread to sew the wound that is open
– Pain killer Spay used to relief from toe pain.
– Funny nail doctor games

Hope you enjoyed playing our doctor games and if you want more features for this game please leave a comment.

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