Connect Dots – Star Connect

Connect Dots – Star Connect


Connect The Dots – Star Connecting is a game where you have to tap the stars and drag to connect the sequential path for each shape.

So that, its an educational and funny Game APP. In this game learn about Numbers, Foods and much more. From the main menu of the game we can find 12 different categories, adding more than 50 among all drawings. It Includes many and varied images classified into twelve categories: Animals, Transportation, Nature, Sports, Educational, Fantasy, Christmas, Foods, Birthday, Music, etc. Have fun and learn with our free connect the dots/star connecting games.

This game is funny and entertaining. With this simple app the youngest at home will find out the funny pictures that are hidden on each screen once you are able to unite all stars surrounding each picture.
Very suitable for, who are in the process of learning numbers, since the purpose of the game is to connect or join consecutive stars, which are numbered to facilitate this task.

Rule of the game is to join all the dots/stars on the screen in sequence in any order.
Connected points form the outlines of thing that appears on the screen along with its authentic sound.

– Top Connect Dots
– Xmas Connect Dots
– high-quality images of All things motioned,
– Start to connect from any point,
– Connect Dots game
– Any line connecting points
– Things are grouped into 12 different levels
– Each levels contains 5 unique things with different shapes.
– Each of them in the group of Five beautiful animated scenes
– Connect Dots Plus Xmas
– Best Connect Dots
– Dot to Dot or Star to Star Connecting
– Unique characters in each scene issuing fun
– Ability to go to the next thing at any time.
– Realistic sounds
– Connect the dots games
– Connect the dots learn numbers game
– Animal Connect Dots
– Number Connect Dots
– Vehicle Connect Dots
– Sports Connect Dots
– Birthday cake or gifts Connect Dots
– And many more thing available in this Connect The Dots Star Connecting Game

The game is so simple that is ideal for all ages people and children who will not want to stop playing it!

This is a free app that allows you to practice numbers, drawing, and image recognition. You simply touch the numbers or stars in sequence, and it draws the line for you. When you reaches the last number, the object fills in with a detailed cartooned image of the thing that you just traced.

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