Ice Candy Maker and Popsicle Maker – Cooking game

Ice Candy Maker and Popsicle Maker – Cooking game


Want to make the ice candy? don’t worry, A refreshing Ice candy is all you need! Cool down your summers with the Ice Candy Maker and you know a chef inside you. Because you are never too old to enjoy a Juicy Fruity stick of Ice Candy.

This game is appropriate for everyone: kids,young girls,young boys,babies,toddlers, children, parents, family and even adults who like cooking, making with creative and serving ice candy popsicle.

This ice candy maker includes:7 Different Ice Pop Mold Shapes! and 5 types of flavors in different combinations- strawberry,grapes,orange,kiwi and watermelon with funky toppings decorations.
– or just eating it! Make everyone smile today – Create an twisting flavor of Ice Pop candy,ice lollies, ice candies and popsicle and share with Friends.

OK! Just come with me! Lets get start right now!

The star of among the best ice candy maker and sundae maker games on android. Nothing is locked in this free ice cream maker app.

– Select your favorite flavor from a list of yummy and delicious flavors for your ice candy popsicle.
– Select your desired ice candy shape
– Now pour the mixture of flavor into the shape
– Apply toppings like real fruits and you know that’s healthy.
– Eat it bite by bite and enjoy what you have made
– Take a photo and share with your friends to make them surprised
– Fill in your candy with some twisting flavors to make your candy!
– Choose different shapes for your candy!!!
– Intuitive, easy to use interface with drag gable items for better positioning
– Thousands of possible combinations for making your very own ice candies
– Use interactive controls to play the game
– Try different tools to make your ice lollies

Hope you enjoyed playing our candy maker game and if you want more features for this game please leave a comment.

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