Shapes And Color Switch : Color Test

Shapes And Color Switch : Color Test

Let’s check the quality of your color vision, how precisely you can identify shades of colour.

This simple puzzle game will test made for fun. Here to check how precisely you can identify shades of color.
Some peoples can discern colors better than others like, painters who detects a lot more shades of colors than others.
How good are you? Let’s see how well you can differentiate between colors. This quick and easy game that also check your eyesight.
There are different shapes to play; choose one of them to play. And find for one of that shape that appears in a different color. You need to identify one shape which is not the same color with the other. Touch that different shape ans score up.
In that way this game or app is Easy to play! as self described puzzle game!

When you complete and reach the last level, you can become the best color identifier or color master.

Please take a rest after playing game for a some duration of time to protect your eyesight.

-Each round became easy to normal and normal to harder
-Shapes starts from 2×2 table and going up to ∞x∞ (infinite) table
-All mode in one game
-Starts with Easy Level
-Progress To Normal Level
-Ends at the Hard Level
-After Clear All Levels you will be the genius one at eyesight.
-The difference becomes smaller and smaller every round
– Click on the different colors.
– Try to test the color observation

Show your color sense! Enjoy! Have Fun! and share!

Hope you enjoyed playing our makeover games and if you want more features for this game please leave a comment.

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