Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders

Play and enjoy Snake and Ladder game with your friends.Snake and Ladder other names are Sap Sidi, Saanp Seedi and Chutes and Ladders. In Jain version it is called Gyan Chauper or Jnan Chauper.

Snake and Ladder Board Game is very easy to play and steps for playing the Snake and Ladder are below given:

First your game piece is on Start Box.
Second tap dice and play or turn.
By throwing one dice and whatever number come the move your game piece.
If your dice come on the ladder then Climb up the ladder.
If your dice come on the Snake then you will slide down or come down on the tale.

If you roll the dice and the number falls six then you get turn second time also.

The game starts from number 1 and ends on 100 number of the board.The player who reaches first on 100 number box or last square becomes the winner.Win the game and enjoy your spare time for the refreshment of the mind.

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